September 18: Stikhiry for the Postfeast of the Cross — Text only

October 1st: Protection of the Theotokos — Text only
November 30th: St Andrew ~ Vespers — Text onlyMusical settings
Second Sunday before Nativity — Text only
Sunday before Nativity —  Text only
Christmas Eve Royal Hours Prokeimena — Text, Notated
Christmas Eve Troparion — Text, Notated
February 19: Apostle Archippus & Companions:
Stikhiry at Ps 140 — Text, Notated
March 14th: Saint Benedict ~ Vespers — Notated 
August 6th: Transfiguration ~ Selections — Text, Notated 
General Menaion: A Venerable Woman, 3 Stikhiry at Ps 140 — Text only
Holy Fathers in Councils
   From the General Menaion — Text, Notated
   July 13th to 19th — Text, Notated
   October 11th to 17th — Text only

Publican and Pharisee, Stikhiry at Great Vespers — Text, Notated
Mode III Stikhiry of Repentance for Sunday Evening Vespers — Text, Notated
Mode VII Stikhiry of Repentance for Sunday Evening Vespers — Text, Notated

Mode III Sedalen ‘In awe at the beauty’  — Text, Notated
Mode IV Stikhira ‘Lord, going up’  — Text, Notated
Mode VI Stikhira ‘Given up as lost’ — Text, Notated
Mode VI Stikhira ‘Storing up all their hope’ —  Text, Notated
Mode VIII Sedalen ‘The Wisdom and Word’ — Text, Notated

Hymn of St Ambrose, from Latin, with a Gregorian Chant setting

Background: Monastery of the Caves in Kiev

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