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Богослужебные тексты ~ Liturgical Texts

Библиотека святоотеческой литературы ~Library of Patristic Literature

These Slavonic liturgical texts were digitized and made available on line at the site orthlib.ru, by the Priest Vladimir Sheen, of the Church of All Saints of Russia in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia, and Marina Yurevna Sheen, Professor at the Orthodox Gymnasium of St Sergius of Radonezh, also in Akademgorodok. [Akademgorodok, by the way, was built as as academic community, in a visually magnificent spot not far from the city of Novosibirsk; a well phrased web search will yield a number of links to further information on its history and location (including maps), and to photographs of the town and the area.]

In preparing the texts, Father and Matushka used the HIP file format, which yields unlovely results on computers using the Windows or Mac operating systems, unless converted to an appropriate format. Conversion programs have been written for Windows, but to the best of my knowledge, such converters are not yet available for the Mac OS. Click here for a sample of raw HIP contrasted with the same text after conversion.

If you would like to understand the HIP standard better, and perhaps download a converter to work with HIP-format files in Microsoft™ Word™, go to http://www.cslav.org/ — the ‘Slavonic Typography Community’ (Сообщество Славянской Типографики) — and follow the links provided there.

In order to make the Slavonic liturgical texts more widely available, I have converted them to PDF documents, and posted them on this site.

Please see the Disclaimer and the Statement on Intellectual Property Rights, and this note on e-mail “spam.

Those who need to consult Orthodox Liturgical texts in Greek will find a fairly complete collection in polytonic Greek at  http://www.analogion.net/glt. A link there leads to the same texts in monotonic Greek. The polytonic texts have been much improved over the last few years, but there are still some issues with diacriticals in some files, so read judiciously.

LINKS TO THE TEXTSActive links appear in blue; links will be activated as the PDF files become available.
     Liturgical Gospel Book
Богослужебный Апостол
     Liturgical Epistle Book (Includes the Acts of the Apostles)
Следованная Псалтирь
     Augmented Psalter
Постная и Цветная Триоди
     Triodia, Fasting and Flowery  (Triodion and Pentecostarion)
     Book of Canons
     Oktoïkh / Oktoechos
     Trebnik / Great Book of Needs
Рядовая Минея
     The services for the Saints, day-by-day
     Selected Akathists
Праздничная Минея
     Festal Menaion
Общая Минея
     Priest's Service Book
     Chasoslov, Horologion
Жития святых
Lives of the Saints        

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Библиотека святоотеческой литературы
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